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Ludlum Systems Limited (LSL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ludlum Measurements, Inc. (LMI), is the UK distributor for both the extensive range of radiometric contamination and clearance measurement systems designed and manufactured by Ludlum GmbH and the full LMI product portfolio.

In addition to the services related to Ludlum’s own products, our team of engineers provide comprehensive repair and calibration services for virtually all radiometric contamination and clearance systems available on the market now and historically, regardless of the specific brand. A comprehensive range of rebuild packages are also available to remove product obsolescence issues and move to the current standards for detection limits and performance.

Ludlum Systems also specialises in providing service and support for industrial x-ray systems used in demanding quality sensitive and NDA applications for the nuclear and aerospace industries. We provide support for Comet, Gulmay, VJ Technologies and historical systems still in use.

As a recognised key service provider in the UK, our team have been successful in supporting major UK stakeholders in maintaining their equipment and developing long term relationships that add benefit and innovation. Our portfolio of customers range from small engineering companies to large corporations, each of which get supported in the same manner. Our focus is on providing a valued service that delivers against our customer requirements with a responsive and professional service that allows our customers to focus on their own activities whilst we effectively manage their equipment maintenance and calibrations.

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